What Everyone's Saying About LeBron James' Return To Cleveland*

Lebron James

We’ve given the LeBron-James-returns-to-Cleveland story substantial coverage here on the Sports Page. But if you’re not overloaded with LeBron news yet, we have plenty more to pass along:

  • Check out this mock 30 for 30 TV spot – directed by Dan Gilbert.
  • Another ex-Cav is making his return tonight, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, who many expect will receive cheers.  But Ilgauskas thinks everyone’s taking this a little too seriously: “That’s chasing ghosts right there.  Let bygones be bygones. There are more important things in life: people dying from cancer every day, kids dying every day, people having HIV, people fighting wars. There are more important things than the Miami Heat going back to Cleveland.”
  • Stan Van Gundy, coach of the Magic, is a little bothered that all anyone can talk about are James and the Heat.
  • Amar’e Stoudemire says the King would have stayed in Cleveland if the Cavs had acquired him.
  • Shaq and the rest of the Celtics are placing wagers on whether LeBron will do his usual pregame powder toss.
  • Cavs owner Dan Gilbert is expected to be in his usual baseline seat tonight.  Wonder if he’ll have any interaction with James.
  • Dave Zirin thinks this is James’ chance to embrace the role of the villain, and that he should put his hand to his ear when Cleveland fans boo.
  • The Cavs have added security for tonight.
  • There are reports that Dan Gilbert has hired investigators to find out whether there was tampering in Miami’s signing of James.
  • Cavs fans have come up with some creative social media ploys to orchestrate chants against LeBron tonight.
  • The Cavaliers have issued 160 media credentials for tonight, three times the usual number.
  • Here’s Mo Williams thoughts: ‘It’s almost like your ex-girlfriend coming to your wedding.’

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