LeBron James On The Thunder Player Who Trashed Him: 'He's Stupid'

Hipster LeBron James

Photo: ESPN

LeBron James took the bait and responded to Serge Ibaka’s diss this morning.Here’s what he told reporters in Miami:

“I don’t really care what he says, he’s stupid. Everyone says something to me every series, then (the media) tries to get a quote. It’s stupid.”

Ibaka made waves earlier by saying, “LeBron is not a good defender.”

In fairness, Ibaka’s statement really was absurd because LeBron’s one of the best, most versatile wing defenders the league has ever seen.

BUT, using words like “stupid” or “meanie” or “big fat stupid head” probably isn’t a good look for LBJ.

We’ll keep you updated if any other players chose to jump into the playground-level tussle.

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