LeBron James predicted Dwyane Wade's game-winning shot exactly while watching on TV

LeBron James, a basketball genius with a famously sharp memory, correctly predicted Dwyane Wade’s game-winning shot against the Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday night while watching it on TV in the Cavaliers locker room.

According to Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon-Journal, LeBron was watching the final possession of the Heat-Blazers game when he said to himself, “Left to right stepback.”

Then this happened:

There are all sorts of anecdotes about LeBron’s exceptional recall. One of his childhood friends told ESPN’s Brian Windhorst that you can’t be the same team twice against him in Madden because he remembers which plays you ran. Before a Heat-Warriors game in 2014, LeBron corrected a reporter who misstated the exact details of a game-winning shot he hit there five years earlier, Windhorst reports.

He can read the game faster than anyone else because he has a mental log of his opponents’ tendencies.

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