The Dead Serious Reason LeBron James Must Wear His Headband In Game 7

lebron james headband no headband game 6

Here are the four possible outcomes for LeBron James in Game 7 Thursday (re: wearing a headband), along with what people will say if they happen:

  1. LeBron doesn’t wear handband, the Heat win: “LeBron won because he went no-headband.”
  2. LeBron doesn’t wear handband, the Heat lose: “LeBron lost because he switched it up and chose not to wear a handband for the 1st time in his NBA career.”
  3. LeBron wears handband, the Heat lose: “LeBron lost because he didn’t stick with no-headband.”
  4. LeBron wears handband, the Heat win: [Nothing]

This is logic.

The only scenario where LeBron gets full credit for his accomplishments is if he wears his headband. There is no argument.

LeBron is the most scrutinized athlete in the country. If there is anything at all that can be used to discredit or minimize his success, people are going to jump on it. 

While the idea that LeBron’s ability is somehow associated with his headband is a joke, it has weight because of the long history of superstitions in sports.

Some athletes swear by superstitions a lot dumber than wearing or not wearing a handband. Some examples:

  • LSU coach Les Miles eats grass during games
  • EPL manager Barry Fry peed in the locker room to ward off evil spirits
  • Jason Giambi wore a gold thong to bust out of a slump

The theory that not wearing a headband helped LeBron play better is pretty run-of-the-mill, nonsensical sports superstition. And you better believe people will run with it if he gives them a reason to.

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