This Video Of LeBron James Laughing In Kevin Garnett's Face Tells You Everything You Need To Know About The Heat-Celtics Series

The Heat eviscerated the Celtics last night 93-79.

With four minutes left, Miami was up 15 when Kevin Garnett hacked LeBron James with a hard foul.

After the foul, KG did his tough-guy routine — going body-to-body with LeBron and looking past him as if he wasn’t there.

It’s a move Garnett has used to unnerve opponents for years. But instead of cowering like so many players have done before, LeBron laughed right in KG’s face.

The moment briefly sums up what’s going on in this series. The Heat are simply too powerful, too fast, and too young for the Celtics. On the surface it’s the same Boston from years’ past running the same offence and playing the same mind games. But due to age and injuries, they just aren’t good enough, and they’re tactics ring hollow.

They don’t scare anyone anymore, especially LeBron.

The video:

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