6 GIFs That Prove LeBron James Is A Flopper

LeBron James and Pacers forward David West blatantly flopped at the same exact time last night.

The double-flop came a day after LeBron made some honest statements about whether or not flopping is all that bad. He told Ken Berger of CBS:

“Guys have been accustomed to doing it for years, and it’s not even a bad thing. You’re just trying to get the advantage. Any way you can get the advantage over an opponent to your team win, then so be it.”

Flopping has been depicted by some as the root of all evil in the NBA. LeBron is saying it’s not a big deal.

Your reaction to these six GIFs of LeBron flopping all over the place will be dictated by whether you think flopping is a huge issue, or you think it’s just a side-effect of competitiveness (like LeBron does).

Either way, LeBron flops:

1. The Double Flop (Pacers, 2013 Eastern Conference Finals)

lebron david west double flop

2. The Surprised From Behind Flop (Knicks, 2012 playoffs)

lebron james flop knicks 2012

3. The Box-Out Flop (Mavericks, 2011 Christmas Day game)

lebron james flop mavericks

4. The Original David West Flop (Pacers, 2012 playoffs)

lebron james flop pacers 2012

5. The Falling Out Of Bounds Flop (Knicks, 2012 playoffs)

lebron james flop knicks jr

6. The Rebound Flop (Bulls, 2011 Eastern Conference Finals)

lebron james flop 2011

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