LeBron James Celebrated The Title By Eating Pizza On Stage At A Nightclub While Drake Rapped Right Next To Him

lebron eating pizza at liv drake

After the Miami Heat won their second-straight NBA title last night, they retreated to Club Liv for the traditional celebration party.

At last year’s party, LeBron James wore a shirt with a picture of himself as a vampire on it, and sang on stage alongside Redfoo from LMFAO.

This year, perhaps because he was so spent from a gruelling seven-game NBA Finals series, he was a bit more passive.

He appeared on stage at Liv with Dwyane Wade and R&B artist Drake. At one point, they ordered pizza to the stage, and LeBron ate pizza and danced a little bit while Drake took the mic next to him.

The video:

h/t @SteveBerke

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