LeBron James visited a children's hospital, and one child asked him to dunk on Lonzo Ball

  • LeBron James visited a local Cleveland hospital on Wednesday to meet with fans and spread holiday cheer.
  • One young fan named Andrew asked for James to dunk on Lonzo Ball for him, which James promised he’d do his best to make happen.
  • The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Los Angeles Lakers play on Thursday night, giving James the chance to make good on his promise to Andrew.

LeBron James got a somewhat odd Christmas request from a fan: a monstrous dunk on Lonzo Ball.

The request came as James and some of his Cavaliers teammates were visiting the Cleveland Clinic on Wednesday, visiting children ahead of Christmas. James popped into the room of a patient named Andrew, who high-fived James before quickly adding, “Can you dunk on Lonzo for me?”

The room burst with a bit of laughter before LeBron was able to get out his reply.

“I got you. I got you,” LeBron said. “He might not be in my way – once he sees I’m about to take off, he might move out the way.”

TMZ Sports got video of the request, which you can watch below.

The Cavaliers host the Lakers tonight in Cleveland, so Andrew could very well get his wish should LeBron take flight and Lonzo be too slow to move out of the way.

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