Here's What Domestic Violence Ads Look Like In The Middle East

Lebanese Anti-Domestic Violence AdLebanese Anti-Domestic Violence Ad

A domestic violence PSA campaign by Lebanese non-profit KAFA strikes a powerful chord for the women’s rights movement in the Islamic world.

The images feature women who have endured domestic abuse. Their wounds mimic the shape of the audio waveforms of words used against them: “whore,” “slut,” and “bitch.”

“Words hurt,” read the ads. The campaign calls light to the unseen scars left by verbal abuse. KAFA, which translates in Arabic to “enough,” provides a helpline number on each image. 

In recent years, the Islamic world has been increasingly attracting flack for injustices against women. honour killings and domestic violence are making headlines, and the rise of post-Arab Spring Islamism has not proved to be a strong ally to women’s issues.

The ads are by Y&R Dubai.

See more of the provoking images below:

Lebanese Anti-Domestic Violence Ad
Lebanese Anti-Domestic Violence Ad

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