Leave Your Boring Brand Behind! 4 New Ways to Rejuvenate Your Image

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes we get so caught up in our busy lives that our online brands begin to resemble stale bread. However, it’s important to not only maintain your brand, but also to switch it up or go through a sort of “brand revival” from time to time. 

When you need to get out of the doldrums and leave your boring brand behind, here are four ways to rejuvenate your image: 

Change your website layout. When people want to find out more about you, they usually Google your name and find platforms like your personal website. Well, if you are looking to impress a first-time visitor or keep your audience engaged, think about switching up your website layout. This can give a burst of freshness to your image, which may be needed sometimes. Note that you probably shouldn’t change up your layout often. It should be reserved for a major overhaul or if you haven’t done so in a while. 

Blog differently. Sometimes, just writing words can become tiresome, both for you and for your audience. Think about blogging in different ways, like using video, audio, photographs, guest bloggers, etc. This may give your audience an added reason to keep visiting your site since you’ve switched things up. Further, you could even ask your audience what they would like to see you blog about. This gets them involved while at the same time giving you a different perspective. 

Find new online platforms. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are fantastic resources for your personal and professional brand. However, do you ever feel like the big three can get a bit boring and repetitive? If so, think about using different online platforms to revitalize your brand. Sites like Tumblr offer a new type of platform where you can voice your opinion or promote industry information, but in a new way. Further, since different websites have different communities, you get to show off a revitalized brand to pairs of fresh eyes. 

Use Vizibility. Vizibility, the first SearchMe Button for Google, gives users the opportunity to customise their top five verified Google search results and puts these results in a free and permanent SearchMe link. This link can be placed on most online and offline materials like resumes, business cards, e-mail signatures, presentations, LinkedIn profiles, etc. 

Vizibility also offers users a personalised QR (quick response) code that hosts these verified search results. So, when you’re at an industry event, all you need to do is hand a contact, say, a business card, which could have your QR code. If they scan it with their smartphones, they get all the information you want them to see without having to worry about things like mistaken identity. What better way to revitalize your brand than to host your online platforms differently? Your image will look fresh and your new online brand will be represented correctly. 

How do you rejuvenate your online image?