Learner driver logbooks are going digital in NSW - with GPS tracking to show you've gone the distance

Go digital before your car does… Photo: Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images.

The New South Wales government is introducing digital log books, via a smartphone apps, for learner drivers.

While paper logbooks will still be around as learners build the 120 hours of driving practice they need in NSW before they can apply for their P plate, the government has chosen three apps Licence Ready, Roundtrip and L2P for the digital version following trials earlier this year.

The apps include a “set and forget” feature to log a drive before a learner gets in the car, which records the drive in the background. On top logging hours and verifying details, the apps make use of GPS tracking, and automated weather conditions, and when they’re not driving the apps have extra features such as video learning content, goal setting and lesson planning. When the time comes to sit your driving test, the digital logbook can be submitted electronically to RMS .

Roads Minister Melinda Pavey said the apps are designed not to distract learner drivers or their supervisors while driving, but should make life easier.

“Parents and learner drivers are tired of having to manually enter their hours of driving, so by transitioning to a digital format we hope to make this process more user friendly,” she said.

The three digital logbook apps are now available for free download through the Android Play and Apple app stores.

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