13 Things You Can Learn About Your Friends Using Facebook's Graph Search

facebook graph search photos

Facebook Graph Search is rolling out to everyone today after first unveiling it back in January. 

Graph Search is essentially a way to navigate your connections and learn more about your friends and friends of friends.

It pulls in data from your profile including movies, TV, shows, restaurants, actors, and other interests listed there. Graph Search then takes all that stuff and makes it so your friends can easily find it.

You can get really creative with it, but we have some entertaining suggestions to get you started.  

Here are some examples. Just type them in the new Facebook search box. The results should be pretty entertaining:

  1. Friends who are single 
  2. Friends who are women interested in women
  3. Friends who like porn stars
  4. Friends who like tennis and live nearby 
  5. Friends who live in San Francisco 
  6. San Francisco Giants fans who are related to Los Angeles Dodgers fans 
  7. Friends who are married and who like prostitutes 
  8. Friends who work at Facebook 
  9. Friends who like Kamasutra 
  10. Friends who like Candy Crush Saga 
  11. Single friends who are interested in men/women 
  12. Friends who are in a relationship that like Bang With Friends 
  13. Friends who like getting drunk 

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