New Year's 'Leap Second' Won't Tweak Windows, Either (MSFT)

This year will be a second longer than usual: The folks who control the world’s official clocks will add a “leap second” at 11:59:59 p.m. GMT on Dec. 31 to make up for two slightly different time scales — atomic clocks and Earth’s rotation. Will it cause a Y2K-like panic? No.

As we explained yesterday, Apple (AAPL) Macs are set to account for the extra second if they’re connected to Apple’s time synchronisation service — switched on by default.

And Microsoft (MSFT) says Windows is all set, too. We couldn’t fully understand the jargon the company used in a tech support note, but after speaking with a rep, we take it to mean that:

  • For Windows desktops, the Windows time service automatically synchronizes to fix the time difference if your computer is off from the real, “official” time.
  • For Windows servers, it depends on the server settings.

Either way, everything should be OK.

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