Former Warriors player tried to recreate their favourite celebration with his new team -- and failed miserably

The Golden State Warriors have become notorious for celebrating three-pointers early.

Often times, after a pass, a Warriors player will run back on defence, already celebrating a presumed made three. When it goes right, it’s a good celebration.

However, you can do that on the Warriors, when the team is stocked with three of the best shooters in NBA history.

On the Phoenix Suns, it’s a little bit different, as former Warriors guard Leandro Barbosa learned the hard way on Thursday as he attempted to celebrate a Jared Dudley three-point early.

Dudley is shooting 42% from three this season and is a career 40% shooter from three, meaning he’s usually a reliable source to knock it down. Unfortunately, for Barbosa, it did not go as planned.

Dudley knew he messed up after the game.

Barbosa has company, however. LeBron James, Steven Adams, and even Kevin Durant have all done the same thing. 

Leandro… bruh ????
— NBA on ESPN (@ESPNNBA) March 3, 2017

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