Leaked Financials Show Uber Brings In About $US20 Million Per Week

Valleywag just obtained detailed internal financial information indicating that Uber is making a lot more money than its investors had originally anticipated.

The image below shows the numbers, including: revenue, signups, active clients, and ride requests versus ride completions between mid-October and mid-November of 2013.

Uber Leaked Financials

According to these numbers, Uber sees about 79,000 new signups per week, which projects to 316,000 signups per month and 3.8 million per year. It regular generates nearly $US20 million in revenue per week.

The average number of rides requested per week is 1.1 million, and out of those, around 800,000 are completed. Uber’s average number of “active clients” for these 5 weeks was about 430,000 per week.

Uber recently raised a $US250 million round of funding and is valued at about $US3.5 billion.

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