LEAKED: Twitter's Confidential Pitch To Advertisers

Twitter Confidential

Twitter took a really long time (4 years!) to start trying to make money.

But then, last spring, it finally announced a pair of ad products – promoted tweets and promoted accounts.

Now, Twitter wants to cross $100 million in revenues in 2011.

To get there, Twitter is busy pitching agencies and other ad buyers on what these products are and how to use them.

It’s doing so with the help of a 40 minute video Webinar. MediaMemo’s Peter Kafka got his hands on a recording of one.

In the video and the accompanying presentation, Twitter says:

  • Advertisers should spend $4 on promoted accounts for every $1 they spend on promoted tweets.
  • That’s because promoted tweets are currently distributed only to the Hootsuite client. All clients will get Twitter ads by the end of Q1.
  • Twitter says advertisers should expect 1% to 3% of the people who see their promoted tweets to clicks on links, retweet them, @reply to them, or favourite them.

Twitter tells advertisers that their tweets should should be funny, timely, informative, use hashtags, and link to music and video.

Twitter says that advertisers should spend $4 on promoted accounts for every $1 they spend on promoted tweets.

Handy – Twitter's guide to a good corporate Twitter account

The video features a demonstration of Twitter's ad-buying process. Here's how an advertiser targets which users it wants to send promoted tweets to

A dashboard for advertisers who want to track how their tweets are doing

Twitter's guide to writing a tweet

How to tell if your promoted account is working

The message here is: Iif the dashboard says people are ignoring you account…write better tweets

Twitter expects users to rebel at the site of ads. Here's how it thinks advertisers should deal with the negative feedback.

Got 40 minutes to spare? Watch the video…

…Or just check out Peter Kafka's excellent summary.

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