A Leaked Screenshot Shows Samsung Is Developing A Better Way To Read On Your Smartphone

A leaked screenshot seems to confirm that Samsung has an interesting new feature in the works for its next smartphone, the Galaxy S IV.

It looks like it will include an auto-scrolling feature that relies on tracking if a user is looking at the screen.

Samsung blog, SamMobile has been on top of rumours surrounding Samsung’s new smartphone. It received a screenshot that offers some pretty compelling evidence that Samsung is at least working on having the phone scroll for you.

Here’s the screenshot:

samsung galaxy s iv screenshots support smart scroll

Photo: SamMobile via Engadget

The new feature is called “Smart scroll” and “the screen will start to scroll automatically if the device detects that you are looking at the screen”. Another feature we think is pretty cool is the “Smart pause”, if you’re watching a video and you turn your head away, the device will automatically pause that video for you.

SamMobile says that while these screenshots aren’t images from the Galaxy S IV instead they are, “actually from the Android 4.2.1 leaked firmware for Galaxy S III. Though, The Galaxy S IV will indeed have these features as confirmed by our insider.”

Here’s another screenshot:

sammobile screenshot samsung new feature eye scrolling

Photo: SamMobile

This should still be taken with a grain of salt because it may not debut with the Galaxy S IV but could be something Samsung is working on for future products.

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