'He Always Gets Off:' Leaked Video Of George Zimmerman's Girlfriend Describes His Violent Episodes

Police video showing George Zimmerman’s girlfriend Samantha Scheibe talking to cops about an alleged domestic violence incident has been leaked online.

In the video, Scheibe describes the November incident as well as other violent episodes from Zimmerman.

He was arrested after Scheibe accused him of breaking her stuff and pulling a gun on her, but she eventually dropped the charges. She said in a sworn statement that she felt “very intimidated” by police and that they might have misinterpreted her statements.

As Mother Jones points out, the video tells a different story. While this might not have been the full extent of Scheibe’s questioning, the officer who is speaking to her in the video does not appear intimidating at all. Scheibe’s account of what happened that day matches the initial description of events that she gave to police on the 911 call.

Scheibe says that she was in the process of kicking Zimmerman out of her Florida home when he got upset that she wasn’t going to “put up a fight for him.”

When she threatened to call the cops, Zimmerman allegedly pointed a gun at her (it’s unclear whether it was loaded or not) and said “do you really want to do this?” Scheibe said: “He was trying to scare me into not calling. … It was threatening.”

He then allegedly used the gun to smash a glass table in Scheibe’s house as she was on the phone calling police.

She then described previous incidents of domestic violence that she says she never reported to police.

“He’s choked me once. About a week or a week and a half [ago],” Scheibe told police. “I had trouble breathing. He finally let go, but it bruised my throat.”

When the officer asked why she didn’t report the incident, Scheibe said: “I feel like he always gets off, to be honest.” She also admitted that she hit Zimmerman once he released his grip on her throat, and implied that she thought that would work against her if she took the case to court.

Zimmerman’s estranged wife Shellie called the cops on him in September claiming he assaulted her father and threatened her, but she and her father ultimately decided not to prosecute.

In July, Zimmerman was acquitted in the shooting death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

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