Gmail’s workplace app might soon become a productivity powerhouse, as leaked images reveal Google’s plan to take the fight to Microsoft and Slack

  • A new version of Gmail for G Suite has apparently leaked, and reveals a plan to integrate a range of Google products under one roof.
  • According to the leaked pictures, Google will roll Chats, Meet, Docs, and Rooms all into the workplace Gmail app.
  • The change would allow users to simultaneously collaborate on documents and video chat without leaving the app.
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Google could be about to reveal a new version of Gmail for G Suite users that brings Google Chat, Docs, Meet, and Rooms all under one roof.

Google recently integrated Meet into Gmail – an apparent effort to fend off the growing popularity of Zoom – but its next move would turn its workplace version of Gmail into an all-out productivity powerhouse.

The images of the update were dug up by developer Tahin Rahman, who posted them to Twitter and claims to have found them on Google’s Cloud Next website. Android Police first picked up on Rahman’s tweets.

The pictures, which appear to be slides for an upcoming presentation, show tabs for Google Chat, Meet, and Rooms along the bottom of the Gmail app, and in the sidebar of the web app.

Further pictures reveal users will be able to collaborate on documents inside the app, while running video and text chats all inside the same window.

Another slide reveals that you’ll also get reminders to respond to chat messages, much like Gmail does right now.

The integrated collaboration tools could be a big boon for Google, which is battling Slack and Microsoft for dominance in the workplace. In January, The Information reported that Google was working on a “unified” communications app for businesses.

The question is whether of these features might make their way to the standard version of Gmail too.

Google did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment. We expect we might not hear anything until Google holds its ‘Productivity and Collaboration’ sessions next Tuesday as part of Cloud Next.