LEAK: Image Of Apple's iBookstore Shows Bestsellers For $9.99

leak ibook

Photo: Appadvice.com

A leaked image of Apple’s iBookstore has hit the web via Alexander Vaughn at App Advice.Alexander says he’s seen the iBookstore first hand. He the top 32 eBook bestsellers are in the store. He says the 27 of them are being sold for $9.99 and the most expensive of the bunch is $12.99.

The $9.99 pricepoint is a bit of a stunner. Apple had been suggesting that it would charge $12.99 or $14.99 for e-books.

Amazon is charging $9.99 for bestsellers which is making publishers upset. Publishers don’t want e-books being sold at a third the price that new hardcovers go for.

Steve Jobs hinted that Apple would charge $9.99 on the day of iPad debut. Video from the day of the event showed Steve talking to Walt Mossberg. Here’s our transcription:

Walt asks Steve, “Why should she buy a book for $14.99 on your device when she can buy one for $9.99 from Amazon or Barnes & Noble?”

Steve responds somewhat knowingly, “That won’t be the case.”

Walt says, “You won’t be $14.99 or they won’t be $9.99?”

Steve says knowingly, “The prices will be the same.”

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