Leah Remini's Missing Person's Report For Scientology Leader's Wife Declared 'Unfounded'

Leah reminiaskmen.comCops reportedly met with Shelly Miscavige yesterday, face-to-face.

Hours after actress Leah Remini filed a missing person report for Scientology leader David Miscavige’s wife, Shelly, Thursday, it was “ruled as unfounded.”

“We have ruled the missing person report unfounded and closed the case,” an LAPD representative confirmed to TheWrap.

According to TMZ, “cops had a face-to-face meeting” with Shelly, but we have the same question they do — “Did cops determine Shelly was or was not being held against her will?”

Remini filed the report after Shelly reportedly had not been seen in six years.

There are rampant rumours that the wife of Scientology’s controversial leader, David, is being held in a secret Scientology compound near Lake Arrowhead that “houses about a dozen Scientologists who are said to be completely cut off from the outside world,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Remini reportedly questioned whether Shelly has freedom of movement in the facility or if she is being “punished for her own shortcomings” — hence the missing person’s report.

Multiple reports following the actress’ departure from the Scientology claimed that Remini was concerned about Shelly Miscavige’s unknown whereabouts.

After breaking from the church in July, Remini told People Magazine, “I’m not about to shut up” and “people should be allowed to question things.”

Meanwhile, the church of Scientology has fired back with a scathing statement of their own regarding Remini’s missing person’s report, saying it “was nothing more than a publicity stunt for Ms. Remini, cooked up with unemployed, anti-religious zealots.”

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