Lawyer Busted For Claiming She Had A Disability To Get More Time On The Bar Exam

leah harmuth lawyer
Leah Harmuth

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A UC Hastings College of Law grad might lose her licence for claiming she had a disability when taking two different bar exams, The California State Bar said Wednesday.Leah Harmuth, 28, took the California bar exam in July 2009, receiving extra time and taking the test in a semiprivate room because she said she had an unidentified disability, according to the state bar.

But when she asked for the same treatment when taking the New York State bar exam, the state discovered that she had misrepresented the type of testing accomodations she received during her undergraduated education at University of Pennsylvania, according to the California bar.

New York bar officials banned her from taking the New York exam and then informed California officials of the alleged deception.

Harmuth specialises in art acquisition and investment and once worked for Morrison and Foerster LLP, according to her personal website. She is currently earning her Master’s Degree in Art Business.

Harmuth did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.

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