Lead Architect Blaine Cook Out At Twitter

Blaine Cook, lead architect at red-hot, sometimes-down Twitter, has left the company. In an email to SAI, Blaine describes his departure at an “amicable” one.

I left Twitter just over two weeks ago. It’s an amicable change; Twitter’s architecture is at a good point for them to pursue stability and growth, and I’m looking forward to a new challenge after nearly three years of working with Odeo and Twitter. I will likely continue as an advisor to Twitter. I can’t yet talk about the specifics of my decision, but I am moving to the UK so that my partner can pursue her career. We’re Canadian and her visa makes it impossible for her to work in the US, and at the same time there are rich web communities emerging outside of the Bay Area.

In the hothouse world of tech blogging, Twitter is becoming as well-known for its outages as for the service itself, so no doubt there will be a lot of dot-connecting here. We’ve also asked Twitter’s Biz Stone for comment but haven’t heard back.

UPDATE: Blaine isn’t the only tech exec exiting Twitter. Engineering VP Lee Mighdoll is gone, just three months after he started.

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