These 11 HUGE Emmy Snubs Have Hollywood Up In Arms Today


The Emmy nominations are in, and there’s a lot to celebrate from a television-lover’s perspective.

“Parks and Recreation” is in for best comedy.

The first couple of “Friday Night Lights” — Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton — are up for awards.

And new shows like “Game of Thrones” and “The Killing” got immediate accolades.

But lots of other shows and actors were overlooked — and angry fans are buzzing about their snubbed favourites today.

Admittedly, we're just happy the show got nominated, since it's arguably the best-written, best-acted comedy on television right now. But Offerman has proven a breakout in an incredibly strong cast -- the character he created, Ron Swanson, transcended the screen and helped give 'Parks' the viral buzz it needed to stay on TV. We're guessing that Offerman will be nominated next year.

FX's long-running series has never been nominated for a best-comedy series Emmy -- and to be clear, this is a category that once included 'Entourage.' That's inexcusable. And so is consistently overlooking the scrappy, chemistry-filled work of this cast.

Love it or hate it, Dan Harmon's NBC show has completely reinvented what passes for primetime comedy -- and its well-rounded cast never takes a day off. 'Community' fans are some of the most Emmy-incensed on the Internet today.

And while we're at it: Danny Pudi should have gotten a nom of his own.

Everyone on 'Community' is great, but Pudi's idiosyncratic Abed is often the linchpin of some seriously cerebral plot points -- yet he always feels like a loveable human instead of a storyline hologram. Plus, we doubt you could toss off some of his tongue-twister lines without bankrupting a network's production budget.

Don't get us wrong: HBO has plenty to celebrate today. But Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter put it best: 'Such a staggering oversight just screams 'I have never seen one episode of this series.'

CBS's 'The Big Bang Theory' has been accumulating buzz over the past few TV seasons -- but the truth is, 'Mother' is still a better show, and its best seasons are going unnoticed. (It was nominated in 2009.)

'Anarchy' fans are pissed that the gritty drama -- not to mention its performances by Katey Sagal and more -- were shut out completely.

No swan song for Kyra Sedgwick.

Her relentless performance in 'The Closer' didn't just carry the show -- it solidified TNT as a cabler with quality dramas. So it's a little strange that Sedgwick isn't nominated during her farewell season.

The HBO drama's final season was dark, and not exactly fun to watch. But each of the show's three female leads gave riveting, painful performances. Voters should have been struggling with whether to vote for Jeanne Tripplehorn or Chloe Sevigny.

The style's not for everyone -- it's schmaltzy, cheesy and too-clever at times. It's also consistent, straightforward and endearing.

People are missing Lea Michele already.

Michele's been bandied about this morning as a popular Emmy snub -- partially thanks to the news that she's leaving the series, no doubt. But Michele deserves an Emmy nod for decidedly unglamorous reasons: she's the reliable workhorse on 'Glee' and makes the most of her screen time, despite the fact that she gets less and less good writing as the show progresses.

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