Le Web Gears Up

Eiffel Tower by Dan Frommer

Paris-based entrepreneur Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry is covering the Le Web conference for us this year. Here’s what to look for.

Le Web is the brainchild of Seesmic founder Loic Le Meur, and takes part each year in Paris. (This year, it’s this Wednesday and Thursday.) It includes both a roster of international/Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, investors and execs as well as French web stars. I will be attending LeWeb to cover it for SAI, so you can expect a few updates here, and you can also follow me on Twitter for a more blow-by-blow account.

Last year’s event was viewed by many to be a fiasco, because the heating and wifi were broken for most of the duration. One hopes that won’t be the case this year. The conference does promise to be exciting. According to Le Meur, it will include 2,300 participants from 46 countries, making it possibly the biggest tech conference in the world. Plenty of companies are also expected to break news at LeWeb.

The conference features an impressive roster of speakers, including Twitter inventor (and now Square founder) Jack Dorsey, KaZaA/Skype/Joost cofounder Niklas Zennstrom, Chad Hurley, cofounder & CEO of YouTube, Google VP Marissa Mayer, serial investor Dave McClure, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, VC extraordinaire David Hornik, Web thinkers such as Yossi Vardi and Danah Boyd, Twitter investor Chris Sacca, and others — including Queen Rania of Jordan.

The event will also feature the CEOs of many great French startups such as Netvibes, Deezer, Jolicloud, Goojet, Pearltrees, and others.

See you tomorrow for cool stuff and perhaps even breaking news!

Photo: Dan Frommer

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