There's a secret restaurant inside Bloomingdales in midtown Manhattan that looks like a 19th-century train car

Le train bleu newBusiness Insider/Talia AvakianThe Calais-Mediterranée Express was nicknamed Le Train Bleu because of its dark blue sleeping cars.

Tucked away on the sixth floor of Bloomingdales in midtown Manhattan is Le Train Bleu, a quaint restaurant remodeled after the 19th-century luxury French night express train, the Calais-Mediterranée Express.

Since opening in 1979, Le Train Bleu has had its array of regular customers, but for many, it has managed to stay a hidden gem in the city for over 30 years.

Marvin S. Traub, president of Bloomingdales at the time, created Le Train Bleu in 1979 at the flagship store on 3rd Avenue and 59th Street in New York City.

Take the escalators up to the sixth floor and walk to the end of the housewares department, where you'll see the restaurant's sign hidden in the back.

Head up the staircase to reach Le Train Bleu's entrance.

Once you walk up the steps, you'll see a narrow hallway lined with vintage train ads from the period.

Inside the restaurant, you'll be transported into a cosy, dimly-lit atmosphere adorned with Victorian lamps and brass luggage racks.

The restaurant is wider than a train car, but the French music and velvet interiors take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city. For Jack Hruska, Bloomingdale's Executive Vice President of Creative Services, the restaurant has been an 'unintentional secret' for years.

'It's an iconic New York experience to be able to do some shopping, tuck away into this train car, and feel like an insider,' said Hruska of Le Train Bleu.

Le Train Bleu is also known for its food. Start with the Louisiana Crab Cakes.

And then dig into the Le Train Bleu Burger, which is smothered in blue cheese and served with fries.

The restaurant serves lunch every day, but is especially popular for brunch on the weekends.

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