LDK Solar Signs Up For $150 Million Power Plant In China

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LDK Solar (LDK) signed a contract for $150 million to build a 30 MW plant in China, according to JLM Pacific Epoch. The details are little sketchy, unsurprisingly, but here’s their full report:

JLM Pacific Epoch: Multicrystalline wafer maker LDK Solar signed a contract on May 20 to invest $150 million to construct a 30MW solar station in Xinyu, Jiangxi province during the opening ceremony of a Jiangxi investment activity in Hong Kong, reports Xinyu Daily. Xinyu signed contracts for nine photovoltaic projects, including a $20 million investment from LDK Solar in local photovoltaic installation, said the report.

According to the report, Jiangxi Solar PV Corporation signed to invest $10 million in a 2MW solar power station, Dongguan Sunworld Solar Energy signed to invest $150 million in module design, and Zhongshan Yuzhiyuan Solar Technology agreed to invest $40 million in a module project, said the report. Taiwan’s Jingyao Technology pledged to invest RMB 354 million in Enda Company’s amorphous thin-film solar cell production, Shenglong signed to invest RMB 50 million in monocrystalline polysilicon production in Jiangxi’s Fenyi county, and Taiwan Jingwei Lvneng agreed to invest RMB 30 million in solar and wind power in Jiangxi’s Yushui district, according to the report.

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