Law Firm That Represented 9/11 Victims Blames theatre For Aurora Shooting

Aurora Colorado Shooting VictimsPeople enter the courthouse for James Holmes’ hearing

Photo: Joshua Lott/Getty Images

A New York law firm that represented victims of the nation’s biggest tragedies is investigating the Aurora, Colo. tragedy, CBS Denver is reporting.Napoli, Bern, Ripka, and Scholonik – which represented victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and of the Costa Concordia ship wreck – is looking into whether there was adequate security at the Cinemark movie theatre where James Holmes allegedly opened fire.

While the suit’s main target will be the Cinemark where the tragedy occurred, it could also go after mental health therapists who saw 24-year-old Holmes before the July 20 massacre, CBS Denver reported.

“Either, did they warn, and if they did, who did they warn? And if they failed to warn, should they have warned,” plaintiffs’ attorney Marc Bern said, referring to the mental health professions.

But the “primary responsibility at this point rests with Cinemark,” Bern said, according to CBS Denver.

A representative for Cinemark declined to comment Monday.

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