Lawyer's Ex-Mistress Gets 20 Years In Bizarre Murder-For-Hire Case

Michelle GaiserMichelle Gaiser

Photo: ABC News

The ex-mistress of a high-profile Houston lawyer pleaded guilty Friday to hiring hit men to make three botched attempts to kill his wife in exchange for a 20-year prison sentence.Michelle Gaiser, 39, insisted her former lover Jeffrey Stern plotted with her to kill his wife Yvonne, but prosecutors dropped the case against him earlier this week, ABC News reported Friday.

Yvonne Stern became the target of seemingly random gunfire in 2010, when men twice fired into the house she shared with Jeffrey.

In May 2010 a man wearing silver aviator glasses finally shot her through the abdomen, wounding her but leaving her alive, according to a lengthy Texas Monthly report on the case back in February.

Gaiser claims Jeffrey was assisting her the entire time, even saying to her, “What an amateur job, they missed the bitch again,” according to the Texas Monthly report.

But Yvonne doesn’t believe her husband was involved. In a truly weird twist in the case, Yvonne who previously filed for divorce, has since reconciled with her lawyer husband.

“Today, because of all we’ve been through, our marriage is stronger than it’s ever been,” Yvonne Stern told the Texas Monthly. “It’s full of love, it’s full of honesty, and it’s full of forgiveness. I made a decision to forgive my husband for his affair, and how dare anyone criticise me for that. How dare anyone criticise me for wanting to keep our family together.”

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