Lawyer Sues Sallie Mae For Being Extremely Annoying

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With all the layoffs last year, we’re guessing there’s a few lawyers out there behind on their massive law school loans…and a few who can relate to wishing Sallie Mae would lose their number.

Seattle attorney Mark A. Arthur filed a class action suit yesterday against Sallie Mae for calls to his cell phone he deemed “unrelenting” and harassing.

Puget Sound Business Journal: “Sallie Mae harassed me with dozens of unwanted calls on my cell phone, including calls that woke me up at all hours of the night and often within hours of each other. These unrelenting calls unfortunately corresponded with a time in my life that required great attention to family issues,” Arthur said in a statement.

The company was calling to collect on law school loan payments, which Arthur had fallen behind on, but he claims he never gave the company his number or permission to use it.

His lawyer is arguing this is a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and asking for damages of $500 per call.

ABA Journal via Puget Sound Business Journal. Full lawsuit here.

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