Fashion Week Day 1: Lawyer Fantasy Wardrobe

Ralph Rucci Fashion Week (AP)

Fashion-wise, there are two sides to being a biglaw attorney. 

You make enough to buy some pretty great clothes. On the other hand, you work in an old-school fluorescent-lit environment that is not exactly fashion forward.

So during this Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, we’re searching the show images and hitting the tents (the latter way less than we’d like to, of course) to find wardrobe options that, with a little confidence, you could definitely wear to work.

We’re admittedly starting out a little conservatively and going the suit route — these are both safe choices, both from Chado Ralph Rucci. Rucci definitely designs for the ladies-who-lunch-types and typically has a more, shall we say, mature, client.

But he’s also a genius and true artist (really, in person, the garments are museum-worthy) who once took time to be very kind to us, answering our nerdy fashion copyright questions in the midst of people tossing out more fun inquiries about inspiration and double-faced cashmere and how he dreamed up this “feathered cage.”

First up is a black and grey satin (OK, maybe not totally safe) skirt suit with a high collar, belted at the waist.

The second option is a lighter, natural-coloured skirt suit with with black and yellow inserts and some fairly aggressive 3/4 length sleeves.

The good news…this is just the start of Fashion Week and by the end we’ll likely have moved well away from suits.

The bad news…even with your biglaw salary, you cannot afford Ralph Rucci — thus “fantasy” outfit of day.

Rucci is pictured backstage during last fall’s Fashion Week.

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