Lawyer Busted For Selling Paintings Stolen By Dead Client

A retired lawyer has been charged with trying to sell paintings that a client stole 20 years earlier:

UPI: A retired Massachusetts lawyer is on trial on federal charges of trying to sell paintings he allegedly knew had been stolen by a former client…

The seven paintings were stolen in Stockbridge, Mass., in 1978 from Michael Bakwin. Bakwin sold the most valuable painting, a Cezanne, recently for $30 million, after recovering it.

The alleged thief, David Colvin, a client of [the lawyer Robert] Mardirosian, was shot and killed in 1979, leaving the paintings in storage with his lawyer. In 1999, Mardirosian, after storing the paintings in Switzerland, offered Bakwin a deal through a shell company — get the Cezanne back in return for the other six works, which were far less valuable.

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