Securities Class Action Settlements Are Becoming Rarer And Rarer: Study

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Photo: Flickr / peasap

The number of class-action settlements reached by investors and the companies they sue is the lowest it’s been since 1999.The settlement numbers themselves crashed even though the number of lawsuits filed remains at a steady pace, according to a study by NERA Economic Consulting released Tuesday.

Only 49 settlements were reached from January to June with the total for the year expected to be 98, as opposed to the 123 settlements in 2011 and 128 the previous year, according to Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog’s analysis of the study.

But, if reached, however, a monetary settlement would yield a lot more money, according to the study.

The average value of the class action settlements in the first half of 2012 is $71 million, compared to the $31 million from last year, the study found.

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