A New Lawsuit Against Zillow Alleges Company Believes Women Over 40 'Can't Keep Up'

A new lawsuit has been filed against the $US4.7 billion real estate database company Zillow, alleging that the company discriminates against its female employees over the age of 40.

This is the second lawsuit filed against Zillow this week, with the first alleging that Zillow maintained a “frat culture” within its company in which female employees were subjected to “sexual torture.” You can read about that case here.

In this new case, a single 41-year-old mother of two named Jennifer Young is suing after being fired by Zillow. Young says she was harassed about her age by management prior to the firing, which she says happened because she “checked into a hospital to treat injuries sustained in a car accident,” Valleywag reports.

From the court documents obtained by Business Insider from the law firm representing Young, Geragos & Geragos (see below for the full suit):

Ms. Young was quickly exposed to Zillow’s “frat house” and “boys club culture” where binge drinking and the willingness to participate in lewd discourse was rewarded by lucrative assignments in the form of Zillow managers routing incoming calls for potential sales leads.

As a result of Ms. Young not participating in the conduct described above, Ms. Young’s sales manager would make comments to her during the course of her work day such as “are you too old to close?” and “try to keep up with us.” It was commonplace at the Zillow office for managers to inform employees, including Ms. Young, that if you do not “drink the Zillow kool-aid” there would be no opportunity for career advancement.

Young says due to injuries she sustained in a car accident over the summer, she checked into a hospital. Even though she notified CEO Spencer Rascoff, Valleywag reports, she was fired by Zillow for “job abandonment.” Young claims she was still in the hospital during this time.

You can read the whole suit:

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