An Ugly Fight Is Brewing Between A Kicker And The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bucs kicker Lawrence Tynes says he will file a grievance with the NFL because he was placed on the NFL’s non-football injury (NFI) list after contracting MRSA, a serious infection that could end his career, according to Mike Garafalo of
Tynes is one of two Buccaneers players who have recently tested positive for MRSA. There is also a report that one of the team’s trainers has been battling MRSA for four months.

Tynes claims that he first noticed something was wrong with the big toe on his kicking foot 4-5 days after doctors treated him for an ingrown toenail. However, by placing Tynes on the NFI list, the Bucs are saying there is no way to prove that Tynes became infected at the team’s facilities.

According to Garafalo, the Bucs have scrubbed their facilities “a few times” since learning the players had MRSA.

The Bucs will pay Tynes’ $US840,000 salary this season. However, being placed on the NFI list is still damaging to Tynes. Unlike the normal injured reserve list, players on the NFI are no longer eligible for added benefits and do not accrue time towards the league’s pension plan.

Tynes isn’t the only one who is upset. His wife has taken to Twitter to attack the team. Last week, after coach Greg Schiano told the media that Tynes was responding well to treatments, Amanda Tynes tweeted a picture of her husband saying “LOL! He’s not responding at all yet” (see below).

This is a situation that appears as though it is going to get worse before it gets better.

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