LAWRENCE O’DONNELL DOUBLES DOWN: Donald Trump Is A Very Dangerous Man Who Must Be Stopped

O'Donnell Birther

The things that Lawrence O’Donnell says about Donald Trump are starting to sound just a little repetitive. 

For example, last night he said of Trump: “He will continue knowingly or not to fan the flames of hatred in this country.” Which might sound familiar to those who watched his show earlier this month.

Then there is O’Donnell’s repeated calls for NBC to fire Trump for his birther talk.

Last night, O’Donnell did yet another segment on Trump and the birther issue.

“There is something very ugly in what Donald Trump is doing, and it is built on a base of racism and paranoia. I’m not saying Donald Trump is racist or paranoid. He doesn’t have to be to do the damage he is now doing to this country. He just has to be vulgar enough to keep barking out the lies that the racist, paranoid, Obama haters want to hear. And in doing that for them, on major network television talk shows, he legitimises their feelings, their hatred, their racism. The millions out there who seethe with the madness Donald Trump stokes watch him and say, ‘Hey, it’s not just me who thinks this, Donald Trump thinks this. And he’s a smarter guy than me and I know he’s a smarter guy than me because he says he’s a smarter guy than me. And he’s made a lot more money than me, and that proves he’s smarter than me.'”

If you are hoping that O’Donnell would stop already, or at least come up with some new material, you are apparently not alone. And you’re also out of luck.

“There are viewers of this program that wish I would never mention the name Donald Trump, they’ve had enough. So have I. I wish May 16th was coming tomorrow. But as long as Trump continues to try to influence our thinking about American politics and the Presidency, I believe his lies must be fought because Trump’s position in our culture now is sadly no longer simply a television entertainer who lies about nothing more important than how much money he has.”

And, in typical O’Donnell fashion, he added just the right amount of hyperbole into the mix.

“Trump is not just an entertainer any more. He is now a very dangerous man who must be stopped from doing the damage to this country he may or may not know that he’s doing. Donald Trump has become America’s front man for the legitmising of hatred and racism.”

Video below:

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