Lawmakers Consider Even More Stupidity To Make Taxpayers Feel Better About Bailout

In an apparent effort to prove the proposition that there is no way to over-estimate the stupidity of US lawmakers, there’s now legislation under consideration to force banks taking financial assistance from the goverment to open their cafeterias and restrooms up to the public. 

Here’s what one lawmaker told London’s “Here Is The City” blog:

‘We are actively looking at ways to ensure that the US taxpayer feels better about the bail-out of these large financial institutions. One way is to give members of the public access to the (often) subsidized food provided at these canteens. We acknowledge that there are security implications to be considered, but we are confident that we can overcome these issues. Giving the public access to staff toilets and restrooms at these firms is also under active consideration. We aim to move forward aggressively on this’.

This is another attempt to treat the public and investors as if they are irrational children who are just stupidly angry about the bailout rather than rationally outraged that their fortunes are being wasted on propping up the walking dead of the financial system.

Can we please stop trying to make people feel better about the bailout and start trying to do the right thing instead? Apparently not. The official motto of the US Congress is “The stupidity will continue until investor confidence returns.”

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