Law Students Are Freaked Out By The Summer Job Shortage And Scrambling To Impress Recruiters

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If you are a second-year law student and aren’t looking for a job for next summer, you’ve already fallen behind.Big law firms have long recruited junior lawyers two years prior to hiring them, so they are interviewing so-called 2Ls for summer jobs starting May or June 2013, The Wall Street Journal reported.

For many law students, this is the surest way of securing a job in a tough legal job market.

With an increase in law school graduates, firms can be pickier, and students are aiming at impressing much earlier. They are piling up law internships, using alumni connections, and even networking with lawyers before recruitment season begins, the Journal reported.

One student, Darah Protas, stressed that personality can matter more than anything else after law students score an interview.

“Grades are crucial to getting a screening interview with the firm,” she told the Journal. “After that, grades go out the window … Are you cool, are you personable, can we put you in front of a client, can we spend eight hours on a plane with you?”

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