Graduates Of These Law Schools Might Have Gone Into A Lot Of Debt For No Good Reason

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Everybody knows that law school graduates have grim job prospects these days.But the Wall Street Journal analysed the ABA’s recent crushing stats on law school graduates’ employment, to reveal just how dire the situation is for graduates of specific law schools.

For some schools, the results aren’t pretty.

At Whittier College in Los Angeles, just 17 per cent of 2011 law school graduates have jobs that require a law degree.

Whittier also had the highest overall unemployment rate at just more than 40 per cent.

Meanwhile, 20.5 per cent of graduates of the University of the District of Columbia‘s law school and roughly 22 per cent of graduates of San Francisco’s Golden Gate University law school had jobs requiring law degrees.

The University of La Verne in California, Barry University in Florida, and the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego each also had unemployment rates of more than 30 per cent.

Several deans of these law schools said that the data paint an unfairly bad picture of the situation for their graduates, the Journal reported.

Whittier Law School Dean Penelope Bryan said in this economy, law firms are unlikely to take a chance on giving new graduates full-time work and will instead employ them part-time.

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