Law Schools Are Asking A Trade Group To Lie About The Terrible Job Market

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Law schools have been begging a prominent trade group to put out a “more positive message” about the job market, the group’s executive director recently revealed.

James Leipold, who directs National Association for Legal Professionals, said in the group’s newsletter that law schools – and law firms for that matter – are in denial about the uncertain job market.

And they want to enlist NALP to help them pretend that delusion is a reality.

Law schools deans and directors of career services have asked NALP for the “more positive message,” and one law school even asked Leipold to describe the entry-level job market as “good.”

“Ah, if wishing would only make it so,” he wrote.

Leipold suggested the legal industry needs to complete the five stages of grief–denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance–to truly come to terms with the changed job market.

“My sense is that there are quite a few people in law schools, law firms, and other legal services settings around the country who have yet to reach acceptance,” Leipold wrote.

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