Law Schools Are Upset About New York's Proposal That Lawyers Put In Time Working For Free

jonathan lippmanChief Judge Jonathan Lippman

Photo: wmhttv/YouTube

New York Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman recently proposed that all new lawyers in the Empire State put in 50 hours of pro bono work – otherwise known as free labour.Law schools around the U.S. fear such a mandate could create huge hassles for them because they’ll have to find pro bono opportunities for any student who wants to work in New York, Reuters reported Thursday.

While many schools already require students to do legal work for free, administrators worry those pro bono programs won’t meet the upcoming requirements.

And designing new pro bono programs could cost law schools that are already strapped for cash, law deans told Reuters.

“This is a time when law schools are trying to look carefully at their expenses and not add to them,” Cornell Law School Dean Stewart Schwab told Reuters.

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