Law Professor Wants His Job Back After University Fires Him Over Alleged Fear Of 'Shooting Rampage'

beretta gun

Photo: storem/Flickr

A fired Nova Southeastern University Law professor said the school thought he was crazy enough to go on a shooting spree.He was fired because university officials feared he would bring a gun to campus, and is now fighting to get his job back, the National Law Journal reported.

Anthony Chase filed suit in June 2011 alleging breach of contract and violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

He said university officials thought him “mentally deranged enough to engage in a campus shooting rampage.”

The suspicions arose when Chase sent emails to staff members saying he had a “Beretta 8000 and a licence to own it,” according to the National Law Journal.

He also reportedly feuded with janitors after he objected to their organising a union.

He sent emails to fellow faculty saying the facilities management staff treated him poorly, according to the National Law Journal.

A search reportedly didn’t turn up any kind of gun or licence to carry one.

In a recent ruling favouring the school, the university was allowed to conceal the results of their internal investigation.

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