World's First Cartoon Brief Inspires Law Firm's Goofy Marketing Campaign

Thompson Coburn legal comic cartoonThompson Coburn’s comic.


Legal comics strike again — this time as part of a law firm’s colourful marketing efforts.The Thompson Coburn law firm has come out with a two-page comic called “Swept Away,” which follows the misfortunes of a company that chooses to use someone else’s sweepstakes rules instead of hiring a legal team to sort things out.

It seems absolutely ridiculous, and, well, it might be, but the cartoon does its job.

Among the characters are a pair of Canadian mounties, the FBI, FTC, and a postal service inspector, to name a few.

Dale Joerling, a partner at the firm and the man behind the comic, writes on the Sweepstakes Law Blog that the idea came when he saw Bob Kohn’s cartoon brief last month in the Apple e-book price fixing case.

And if you aren’t sure how this is an example of goofy, but perhaps functional marketing, the two lead characters conclude with: “Whew. Using someone else’s rules can be expensive! We should have talked to Thompson Coburn.”

Shameless self-promotion? Yes, but that’s how marketing works, even for law firms.

Check out the full comic here.

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