Steve Jobs' Wife Has Invested In Media Startup Called Ozy Media

laurene powell jobs on nbcLaurene Powell-Jobs

Laurene Powell-Jobs, wife of Steve Jobs, has raised her profile a bit since her husband died. 

The latest example: She’s investing in a new Silicon Valley-based media startup called Ozy Media. 

Ozy Media is run by Carlos Watson, a former MSNBC anchor, Miguel Helft at Fortune reports.

The full Fortune story on Ozy is behind a paywall, but the short description of Ozy is that it wants to produce a “premium product with mass appeal” by doing “quality writing, smart storytelling and arresting design,” says Helft.

Ozy is backed by other big names including mega-angel investor Ron Conway, Google legal counsel David Drummond, and Dan Rosensweig, CEO of textbook rental company Chegg.

Watson hopes that by focusing on the premium end, Ozy will become something people love “in the way Apple fans truly love Apple, or in the way HBO fans have loved HBO.”

Helft also says Watson plans to appeal to the “change generation,” which is supposed to be “a class of informed, worldly people who thrive on change,” according to Helft. Watson says, “They’re a group that won’t just tolerate things that are different but embrace things that are different.”

We’ll see how it goes, but based on this little bit of information it doesn’t sound good. Media (especially if it’s venture-backed) is about scale. Doing just a few stories a day doesn’t lend itself to scale. And the “change generation” just sounds like a mushy buzz phrase that means nothing. 

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