The Catwoman Murder Plot That Has France Captivated


Photo: flickr user: emafam

It sounds too strange to be true.Laurence honouré, a middle class French housewife, had been hiding in the bushes outside her suburban Saint-Maurice home, reports The Telegraph.

Her plan? To murder her husband, politician Christian honouré.

Her choice of costume? A Catwoman outfit, latex gloves, a crash helmet and a .22 Long Rifle revolver.

Catwoman, however, got cold feet. Her husband sensed a presence, and called the police, who found her in the bushes.

She faces charges of “attempted murder with premeditation and aggravated violence towards a public figure”, though these may be dropped as she gave herself up willingly.

Reports say her husband had once been a potential candidate for the local mayorship. When her husband lost out, Laurence began acting strangely, stalking her husband and going on online dating websites. It’s now suspected she had tried to hire former spies to murder her husband.

Her husband had been paranoid about the threat of violence against him, but he had thought it was the local Communist party.

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