Ex-GlaxoSmithKline Attorney Wants Prosecutors To Stop Criminalizing Her Profession

laura stevens gsk

Photo: coutesy of Corporate Counsel

A former vice president and associate general counsel for GlaxoSmithKline PLC has had her fair share of legal troubles.Lauren Stevens was accused of making false statements about the company’s antidepressant Wellbutrin but was acquitted when a judge called her case “a miscarriage of justice,” FCA Alert reported in 2011.

And now she’s speaking out about what she sees as an attack on her livelihood.

“I think the criminalization of the practice of law is here, and I don’t think it’s necessarily going away,” Stevens told The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog. “The government will continue to be aggressive in looking at in-house counsel. I know sometimes it feels like we have a target on our back.”

Stevens retired following her acquittal but says the current batch of in-house lawyers better watch their backs.

“I do not think this was a one-off,” she told Law Blog.

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