Laurel Touby: Entrepreneur, Author

Hey Laurel Touby! You’ve just sold your Web business for $20 million (and pocketed $12 million) after nurturing it for 10 years! What are you going to do next?

“I’m writing a column for Inc. magazine,” Laurel tell us. “It’s going to be called ‘Diary of An Earnout'”.

Interesting! You see, Laurel’s deal to sell MediaBistro to JupiterMedia (JUPM) contains a $3 million, two-year (we think) earnout clause. And Laurel’s going to chronicle a year of it in a monthly column. She’ll have to refrain from writing about numbers, obviously, but this could still be an entertaining series. So what does Jupiter’s Alan Meckler think about the arrangement? “I’ve told him about it, but I’m not sure he’s paid attention to me”, Laurel says. So this could be very entertaining.

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