Former Scientologist Accuses The Church Of Forcing Her To Have An Abortion In Explosive Lawsuit


Photo: Scientology Media / Flickr, CC

A former Scientologist is suing the church for “emotional distress,” alleging that she was forced to have an abortion.Laura Ann DeCrescenzo was an employee of the church from 1991, when she was 12, until 2004, RadarOnline reported.

Court documents reveal the major allegations in the lawsuit:

-DeCrescenzo says she was recruited by the church “at the tender age of nine.”

-She alleges she worked for the church as a minor and wasn’t adequately paid for her services, which could go in excess of 100 hours per week.

-DeCrescenzo claims she had a seventh grade education when she joined the church but wasn’t educated there.

-According to the documents, she was so overworked that she tried to commit suicide by drinking bleach. When she didn’t succeed, she alleges the church fired her and told her she owed them $120,000.

-When she was 17, DeCrescenzo became pregnant. She was still with the church and relied on them for medical care. She had an abortion because she alleges she would have been fired from the church if she didn’t.

Check out the documents:

1st Amended COMPLAINT – Laura A

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