Latin American Stocks Still "Caliente" For Investors

It’s not surprising to hear that investors are bullish on South American equities. With a commodities boom in full swing and a recovery in the US underway, Latin American markets are set to be in high demand once again this year.

Still, here are the results from a recent survey confirming investors’ high hopes for the region, conducted by Banco Santander. The bank canvassed the opinions of 289 investors during a recent conference, and found two thirds believe total returns on Latin American holdings will match or beat last year’s performance, according to the FT.

Unsurprisingly, Brazil was of most interest to the investors polled, with roughly 40 per cent saying they plan to add to their holdings in the country. By comparison, 23 per cent plan to raise their investment in Mexico and 11 per cent expect to up Peruvian stakes.

Last year investor interest in Brazilian companies allowed Vale to launch the first ever Hong Kong depositary receipts and Petrobras to hold the world’s biggest share issue.

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