Latham Partner Hopeful About Economy, Not Holding Back At Barney's

Barney's New York

If a law partner is willing to tell the Los Angeles Times he is going all out for the holidays this year, perhaps associates everywhere can have a little hope that the worst is almost over.

Or maybe they’ll just have a little less sympathy when partners shout that the sky is still fallling. It could go either way.

Kashmir Hill at Above The Law noted a gem of a quote in the LA paper from Latham & Watkins partner Mark Flagel, made to the reporter while he was shopping at luxury-retailer Barney’s.

“There’s no holding back this season,” Flagel said. “I’m personally hopeful that the mood is better and the economy is better. Because what is there if there isn’t hope?”

In February of this year, Latham laid off 190 associates and 250 staff. Let’s hope Flagel’s hopeful outlook pays off and that no such reductions will be necessary in 2010.

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